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Dr. Arthur Whimbey is a major player in the critical thinking skills movement. His research and writing on methods of improving cognitive and academic skills are well known. In addition to his widely heralded books, such as Intelligence Can Be Taught; Analytical Reading and Reasoning; Analyze, Organize, Write; and Problem Solving and Comprehension, his articles have appeared in many professional journals. Dr. Whimbey's research has been successfully applied in schools and colleges in many parts of America, and has twice been reviewed in The New York Times.

Dr. Whimbey has devoted several years to researching and further developing these concepts. In his workbook Analytical Writing and Thinking, he offers carefully developed exercises that are highly effective in helping students successfully develop the thinking and reasoning skills to complete analytical writing assignments, leading to improved reading and comprehension, and higher academic achievement.  The New Intelligence software has been carefully designed to effectively implement an appropriate selection of these processes for use with students.

Dr. Myra Linden, one of the authors, has researched the history of Text Reconstruction extensively. During 35 years of teaching English and speech in high schools and in community colleges, Dr. Linden conducted research and tested instructional theories documenting the effectiveness of text reconstruction.

In a study of "before" and "after" papers of students who used text reconstruction, Dr. Myra J. Linden concluded that students "learned to organize their ideas into coherent paragraphs. The most marked improvement in their 'after' samples was in content. Students were able to furnish specific details to support general statements." Students showed "improvement in content, organization, and style." Linden states that the approach works because "the constant practice in arrangement of content from the general to the specific provided by the text...fosters the most basic writing skills of presenting specific content and organizing it logically in a cohesive pattern. Students replace their faulty composing patterns with effective ones that become automatic skills." Dr. Linden's published works include (with Whimbey) Why Johnny Can't Write: How to Improve Writing Skills.

Dr. Eugene Williams, Sr. is a well-known public school and college teacher, researcher, and administrator. While serving as Director of Test Improvement in the Washington, D.C. Public Schools, Dr. Williams implemented a highly effective test improvement program, which has dramatically increased National Merit and Achievement finalists in the D.C. Schools. Dr. Williams is the author of Grounded in the Word: A Guide to Mastering Standardized Test Vocabulary and Biblical Comprehension, and a co-author of Keys to Quick Writing Skills, with Dr. Whimbey and Dr. Linden. 

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