Dr. Arthur Whimbey and Dr. Myra Linden are well-known authors, educators, and educational researchers in reading and writing instruction, and in developing reasoning and thinking skills.

Dr. Arthur Whimbey is a major player in the critical thinking skills movement. His research and writing on methods of improving cognitive and academic skills are well known. In addition to his widely heralded books, such as Intelligence Can Be Taught; Analytical Reading and Reasoning; Analyze, Organize, Write; and Problem Solving and Comprehension, his articles have appeared in many professional journals. Dr. Whimbey's research has been successfully applied in K-12 schools, colleges, and universities in many parts of America, and has twice been reviewed in The New York Times.

Dr. Myra Linden has researched the history of Text Reconstruction extensively. During 35 years of teaching English and speech in high schools and in community colleges, Dr. Linden conducted research and tested instructional theories documenting the effectiveness of text reconstruction.
Dr. Linden's published works include (with Whimbey) Why Johnny Can't Write: How to Improve Writing Skills.

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