About New Intelligence Inc...
Who Are We?

New Intelligence Inc. is a Texas-based educational publisher, founded in 1996 and dedicated to the design and development of innovative publications and computer software applications and related technology for education, with an exclusive focus on proven approaches that make a real and measurable difference in the classroom.  

The New Intelligence team includes top notch education professionals as authors and consultants with a broad range of experience that includes classroom teaching and education research, as well as computer and software specialists with many years of experience in all aspects of software design and development. 

New Intelligence software is designed for Windows-based computer systems.  We offer stand-alone, lab, and building site licenses.  LAN packages will be available in late Fall, 2000.

New Intelligence also develops innovative print materials for classroom use, such as The African-American Experience: Stories of Courage and Determination, a workbook for improving reading, writing, and reasoning skills.

New Intelligence continues to develop and introduce educational software and print materials based on established concepts that combine innovative ideas with proven, effective approaches that produce results in learning.