History and Research

A great deal of information on text reconstruction methods for improving reading, writing, and reasoning skills, including history, research, and results in classrooms, is available. Sources include journal articles, research papers, and other publications, as well as information on institutions using Dr. Whimbey's methods.

A good place to begin identifying and locating these resources is on the Internet. We suggest that you use an education-oriented search engine such as Alta Vista ( www.altavista.com ) to start. Begin by searching on "whimbey" (be sure to include the "e" in the spelling).

A recent check of this resource (late January 2000) located 409 web pages, with ten references per page, or over 4,000 references, to Whimbey.  (Note that some of these references are for Estella E.

Whimbey, MD, a medical researcher at the M. D. Anderson Medical Research Center in Houston, Texas and a sister of Dr. Arthur Whimbey.)  To review education-related references, select those for Arthur Whimbey.

The ERIC Clearinghouse is another source of information on text reconstruction methods that have been published in recent years.

In addition, numerous articles continue to be published in education journals, with several scheduled for publication during 2000; the New Intelligence Inc. web site at www.newintel.com will provide a list of new articles published during 2000, as well as papers presented and conferences, as this information becomes available.

Additional Internet resources: